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Dr. Lisa P. Collins Outstanding Staff Awards

Dr. Lisa P. Collins Outstanding Staff Awards

Dr. Lisa P. Collins Outstanding Staff Awards

Annually, the Dr. Lisa P. Collins Outstanding Staff Awards program recognizes seven high achievers out of more than 2,000 employees.  Some 35-45 nominations are reviewed by a committee of college peers and honored at the annual RoundUp Staff Appreciation Day. 

In 1997 when the program was initiated, support came from Gamma Sigma Delta, the international agriculture honor society that became inactive at UK a few years ago, as well as the college’s alumni association and the Dean’s Office through the Partners in Agriculture fund.  In 2018, a revised endowment agreement called the Gamma Sigma Delta Gold Fund was finalized in order to support the OSA program in perpetuity. The awards were renamed for Dr. Lisa P. Collins in 2020 to recognize her outstanding service and advocacy on behalf of the staff of the college. 

People in the Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment often say “we are different” because we are.  M-G CAFE has offices and personnel in all 120 Kentucky counties, research and extension stations across the state, the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, Regulatory Services, and an Arboretum; the list is extensive.  The staff of these units, whether on the Lexington campus or in Leslie County, are the heartbeat of the college.  There is not one M-G CAFE employee who has not gone above and beyond in service, innovation, and dedication. The Dr. Lisa P. Collins Outstanding Staff Awards are one way for the Martin Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment to say “thank you” to all staff employees.

Nominations have closed for this year - meet your 2023 nominees here!

Join us in celebrating these great examples today and at the award ceremony on Friday, September 29

2023 Individual Nominations

Christina Wilson Landscape Architecture
Nicole Atherton Agriculture Economics
Avery Watkins Engineering Manager
Cristin Costello Business Center
Deloris Foxworth Center for Student Success
Wayne Centers Center for Student Success
Lacey Kessell Boone County Extension Office
Jennifer C. Combs Regulatory Services
Lois Ann Campbell Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Selena Smith Administrative Support Associate I
April Lorenzana Lincoln County Extension Office
Kaitlyn Collins Cumberland County Extension Office
Kimberly Campbell  Magoffin County Extension Office
Jessica Musgrove McCreary County Extension
Kimberly  Bailey Mason County Extension Office
Brittany Smith  Knox County Extension Office
J. Ryan Scott West Kentucky Station
Mike Nichols West Kentucky Station
Qiulin Qin Plant and Soil Sciences
Ashley Moore 4-H Central Operations
Doran Howard RCARS
Joe Smith Boone County Extension Office
Ashley Reynolds Knott County Extension Office
Debbie Covington Kenton County Extension Office
Kelsey Lamb Animal & Food Science

2023 Team Nominations

Zachary Creech
Leighia Eggett
Sarah Longacre
Emily Dorward
Sean Goins
Vivienne Main
Shristi Shrestha
Tami Smith
Ben Currens
E. Glynn Beck (KGS)
Aron Harned 
April Coffee
Becky Marefat 
Britanie Dawson 
Claire Bridges 
David Oetken 
Devon Joiner 
Jamie Johnson 
Janet Flaugh 
JC Phelps 
Joan Jasper 
Johnna Wilford 
Joyce Smith 
Kayla Keeton 
Kevin Norvell 
Kris􀆟na Joyce 
Kyle Mann 
Lee Goatley 
Michelle Spriggs 
Mike Jackson 
Monica Poindexter 
Patricia Krausman
Rachel Bowling
Rhonda Jones 
Rodney Kuhl 
Ryan Ferguson 
Scarlet Consalvi 
Shannon Maxey
Steve Snowden 
Stuart Arnold 
Tiffany Shumake 
Tony Pence 
Tonya Parsons 
Vallorie Henderson 
Shannon Rudd 
Kip Sparrow 
Johnnie Henderson 
Clifford Green 
Tyler Stucker 
David Gorney 
Joseph Bush 
Bronson Hudgins 
Rodney Hedges 
Brian Morgan 
Kevin Hughes 
Randy Abbot 
Suvad Karic 
Carl Bernius 
Billy Workman 
Matt Peake 
Steve Zanone 
Jimmy West 
Thomas Morgan 
Lauren Morgan 
Kevin Hays 
Christopher Coil 
Ryan Redimarker 
Anne Delage 
Hanna Bullock 
Walter Rhodus 
Rick Hayes
Amy Holbrook
Keith O'Hair
Christopher McKenzie
Shawn Mulberry
Mark Machek
Nathan Wynn
Brittany Browing 
Andrew Modica 
Rebecca Meadows 
Tina Noe 
Cheryl Owens 
Mawnie Belcher 
Reagan Weedman

2022 Winners


Tymory Stanton, Administrative Staff Officer II, Entomology

Esther Fleming, Academic Coordinator, Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology


Office and Clerical

Suzette Walling, Department Manager, Plant and Soil Sciences


Office and Clerical- County Extension Offices

Nancy Williams, Extension Staff Assistant, McCracken County Cooperative Extension


Service/Maintenance/Skilled Crafts and Farm Management

Millard “Chip” Stamper, Research Farm Technician II, Veterinary Science


Technical and Paraprofessional

Ed Dixon, Research Analyst Principal, Plant Pathology

Anthony Clark, Research Analyst, Plant and Soil Sciences


Outstanding Team

UK VDL Necropsy Technicians

Contact Information

S103-A Agriculture Science Center North Lexington, Ky 40546-0091