Absence Record
Address/Name Change Form
CAFE Exit Checklist - With Coop Extension Specifics
Cell Phone Allowance Request Form 
Degree Completion Form
Direct Deposit Form
Drug Free Policy Form
Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request Form
Employee Education and Experience Data Sheet
Employee Education Form
Employee Exit Checklist
Employee Separation Sheet
End of Orientation
Experience & Education Calculator
Faculty Onboarding Checklist
Family Medical Leave Application
Graduate Student Overload Request Form
ID Badge Application
ID Badge Application - Off Campus - Non Photo
Local City Tax Form - For Employees Who Do Not Work in Lexington, KY
Local City Tax Form Continuation
Local City Tax Form - Instructions For Employees That Work Outside of Lexington, KY
Local City Tax Form - Royster
Mentor Nomination Form
Nepotism Form
New Position, Faculty, Research Title Series
Payroll Petty Cash Request Form - CAFE
Phased Retirement Agreement for Faculty
Phased Retirement Agreement for Staff
Position Description (JAQ) and Posting Information
Position Request Form - CAFE
Post-Doctoral Appointment Form
Post Retirement Appointment Form
Post Retirement Performance Evaluation Form - Faculty
Post Retirement Performance Evaluation Form - Staff
PTI Onboarding Checklist (UK Staff)
PTI Onboarding Checklist (Not UK Staff)
Staff Hiring Process Checklist
Staff OnBoarding Checklist
Staff Overload Request Form
Staff Position Action Request Form
Staff Professional Development Fund Request Form
Student Wage Scale Exception Form 2019-2020
Student Wage Scale Exception Form 2020-2021
Study Leave Form for Extension Personnel
Study Plan - Agent's MS Approval Form
TSP Forms 4, 5L, 2L
Visitng Scholar Approval Form
Visiting Student Approval Form
Worker Status Evaluation Form