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HR Administrator Resources

HR Administrator Resources

HR Administration

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Interview & Selection Process

Offer Tools

       Staff Offer Letter Examples

         Exempt w/moving
         Exempt w/out moving/funding
         Nonexempt w/moving
         Nonexempt w/out moving
         Nonexempt w/funding 
         Nonexempt w/reloc video

      Faculty Offer Letters

         Full time faculty
         PTIs who are UK employees
         PTIs who are not UK employees

Post Doc Offer Letter Template

Onboarding Tools

Employee Pay Scales

Employee Pay Scale (1950 hrs) - FY'22
Employee Pay Scale (2080 hrs) - FY'22

Tip - Wondering about departmental temporary positions? Click here to view the STEP Exemption Code List.

HR Forms

HR forms are available for download at your fingertips.

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